Charity in conjunction with Singapore American School Moms for Migrant Workers In April 2020 – June 2020

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”❤️ ~Aesop.

When the pandemic hit Singapore, many of us were pushed to being helpless and hopeless. That is when, my lovely friends and I from the Singapore American School (Anu, Deepa, Aditi, Puja, Meeta, Vineeta & I) had an idea spark to us on initiating a food bank that provides home-cooked meals for our migrant workers residing in Little India as a heartening gesture of appreciation to them & to Singapore, our homeland.

A simple thought of ours culminated into a small initiative which we strived to sustain throughout the circuit breaker (providing food to 60 workers on weekends and giving dry food, other essentials & small amounts of money to 25 workers throughout the week. Additionally, we also lend a helping hand to small restaurants.)

My heartfelt gratitude to this bunch who enthusiastically contributed with joy throughout the circuit breaker phase and never failed to commit wholeheartedly in the commitment we had promised for the workers despite the circuit breaker being extended. Also immensely thankful to the school moms & everyone who are doing their part without fail by engaging in any forms of donation every week.

On the day before the circuit breaker, two lovely clients joined hands with us in packing all the groceries (seen in the picture along with me) & my two champion staff, Kalim & Naresh, who were consistently assisting me in the distribution of food and essentials to the needy.

I urge you guys to step forward and make small gestures, as that’s all it takes. ❤️