Women of Substance

Jinders tries to seize any open opportunity to style a real woman, rather than only skinny models! In 2019 Jinders did this shoot with four accomplished clients whom they perceived as a woman of substance.

Jinder’s always seize any great opportunity to style a woman.

Vanitha Devi: Style Etiquette

It was truly an amazing & humbling experience to have these extremely accomplished & beautiful women bring their personal style to Jinders Sari Collection!

Vanithadevi is the Director at Style Etiquette Pte Ltd, a company that assists individuals in heightening their professional image. Her main inspiration, she says, is her Father: “Since I was young, my dad was my role model; from being a hard-core police officer to a doting father. I grew up watching how he motivated himself through reading, gardening, and even self-grooming!”.

Her key to staying motivated is being thankful, grateful and appreciative for all that she has been blessed with, and says that there is something in every person that inspires her. Vanitha also gave us insight into how she balances her work and life, and the sacrifices she has had to make. She tells us that through the years, she has learned how to set her priorities straight, filtering out the unnecessary. She says that her frame of mind is a priority so that she is able to make appropriate decisions in all aspects of her life. From staycations to vacations, to even a short massage, Vanitha does her best to rejuvenate her mind and body when she gets time to herself.

She tells us “Every day, even if you find one hour to relax yourself, you will find remarkable happiness in yourself”.

Terri Anne: Carrots & Craving

Carrotsticks & Cravings

It was a pleasure to work with Terri-Anne Leske, owner of Carrot sticks and Cravings Cafe and Cooking School, for our “Jinders: Women of Substance” photoshoot. She gave us some insight into what motivates her and how she stays motivated, citing her children as her main inspiration. “I am driven by my family. I have three young kids and love and passion for healthy food and wellness. I really want to teach my children to follow their dreams and be happy in life”. While hard to stay motivated, she says, it’s easier when you love what you do. When asked about her struggles as a working woman, she told us it’s a “constant battle” for her to balance her work and life responsibilities, and how at times, she accepts that perfect balance may not be achievable at that point in time. While she has had to make sacrifices to get her business to where it is today, she always gives her 100% in whatever she does, making the sacrifice worth it in the end. After asking her about her work, we asked her what she does to relax and destress. She tells us that running, even for just 20 minutes, helps clear her head. She also makes sure to schedule one on one time with her husband and kids, during which she makes sure to turn off her phone so that she can be present in the moment.

Rachna Gupta:


It was an honour to be able to work with homemaker Rachna Gupta for our “Jinders: Women of Substance” photoshoot. We asked her how she keeps herself motivated in her day-to-day life, and she said: “The mirror motivates me every morning. When I look at myself, I tell myself, seize the day. Look good, feel good. Adjust your crown and rule the world!”. She also gave us insight into the sacrifices she has made in order to be a full-time mother to her children and to look after her household. “l regret,” she said when talking about giving up a career in banking to be a homemaker. “I learned to swim, play tennis, basketball, dance and paint with them. Even my maths has improved!”. To relax and rewind, Rachna says that she enjoys speaking to those younger than her in order to “learn new ways, and laugh heartily”.

Pamela Basu: Blogger

The very successful and accomplished social influencer Pamela Basu looked uber-chic and sexy in our sari collection for our “Jinders: Women of Substance” photoshoot.

Her energy was infectious as she buzzed around the photoshoot. She exudes positivity as she expressed to us that she seeks inspiration from everyone around her. Her readers and followers motivate her and she feels that she is so blessed with their love and affection, and that that’s what keeps her going. Her family and husband are her biggest strengths and support, also being the reason that she can maintain a healthy work-life balance.

She loves to unwind by lighting candles at home, alongside a bottle of wine, while lining up back-to-back movies and chilling on the couch. Her de-stress mantra is a nice evening walk or swim or pampering herself with “Make your own Spa” ….